Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Eu Amo São Mateus

But really, I do love São Mateus. Sorry about my depressing email last week haha I'm really fine and I'm excited to still be here. I love my companion soooo much and I'm still learning a lot in this area. 

Oh Sister Richards is in Aracruz and her companion is Sister R. Santos. I got to call her on Friday when the sister training leaders came :) I love and miss her so much!

This week was awesome. We had exchanges with the sister training leaders and I got to work with Sister Patrício again. I learned a lot with her. She talks a loooooottttt and she's super fun and outgoing and crazy and she reminds of Sister Rodriguez so much haha It's great because I don't talk much. But she helped me with contacting and it was fun :)

Great news! Júlio César is doing great and he's progressing a lot! He even did a fast with us this week! And he hasn't been drinking coffee and he's been reading the Book of Mormon and he came to another activity and he is just amazing. It's just so frustrating because he believes that everything about the church is true and we've invited him to be baptized a billion times but he always says no. We thought that we'd figured out all the reasons that were holding him back from being baptized but there's still something that he won't tell us. He has a goal to be baptized this week but he's super hesitant about it. PRAYERS PLEASE :) 

Also, we had 4 people come to church. Raquel foi com sua avó (Maria), seu irmão (Fernando), seu primo (Wesley), e sua prima (Fernanda). We're working a lot with Maria and she has a date marked to be baptized on the 14th. Sister Rodriguez visited with the rest of the family while on exchanges with Sister Cabrera so I still have to catch up on what's going on with them. But I can't believe all of them came to church! It was wonderful!

Also, I hit my 7 month mark on Friday and I cannot believe that 7 months has passed. I feel like I entered the MTC yesterday. 

Eu amo vocês!!

Com amor,
Sister Earls

Também, Feliz Dia das Mães!!!!! So excited to talk to family on Sunday!!!!! Seriously so stoked!!!


Haha so this is Arlete. We were doing bater porta and she was a reference from one of her neighbors. She was wearing this nightgown thing with a pic of Pucca. I don't even really know what Pucca is but everyone says I'm Pucca because I'm Asian. It's a character from this cartoon show that I've never heard of.

Our district is the coolest. We have Elder M. Silva from Fortaleza and Elder Napan from Peru now :)

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