Saturday, June 6, 2015


Guess who has finally been transferred?!?!?! ME!!!!!

So y'all know that I totally love São Mateus but the time has finally arrived for me to leave haha So I've packed my bags and we'll be catching an ônibus early tomorrow to Vitória where I will find out where I'll be serving next. I'm so exciteddddd!!!! But I'm super sad to be leaving Sister Rodriguez here in São Mateus. I've loveeeddddd being her companion and I've learned so much from her these past two transfers. She inspires me to do better and to work harder every day and she talks super fast and she always makes me laugh and I just love her and I'm gonna miss her sooooo much. But still excited for new adventures!

This week was interesting. A little slow and a little crazy but I made it through. So yesterday and today were interesting because we didn't have water in our apartment AGAIN :(((( I think this is the third or fourth time that I've had to survive without water. But we complained enough this time and they got everything fixed (after some complications) this afternoon :) I was lucky because I was pretty sure I'd be transferred so I started doing my laundry and packing my bags earlier in the week which meant I didn't have to deal with the washing machine and dirty clothes without water :)

So Amintas is doing great and he is super strong in the church! He's gonna help out the branch a lot! He went to institute for the first time and he came to noite familiar and he loves everything! It makes me soooo happy! He was sooo sad though when we called him last night when I found out I got transferred, but at least he still has Sister Rodriguez :)

We've been meeting with Aldo still but he's been working a lot and coming home later in the evening so we missed a couple of days and he ended up drinking coffee at work so his baptismal date fell through. But he has a lot of potential and we had a super spiritual lesson with him on Saturday and we read parts of Alma 32 & 34 and talked a lot about faith and he committed to keep trying and continue to work towards baptism :)

We also met with an investigator named Marilza. She is super awesome and open to the gospel. We've only met with her three times because she works a lot and is usually only available during our study time in the morning. We met her while clapping at doors and we actually contacted her sister first and marked an appointment with her, but when we came back, only Marilza was there. She let us in and we taught the first lesson and she loved it and prayed about it and she believes that Joseph Smith was a prophet and she's been reading the Book of Mormon and believes it is a true book, but she is super Catholic and she feels obligated to stay in her church and feels that she can't leave her commitments there. But Sister Rodriguez has big plans for her haha So we'll see :)

I love being a missionary!!

Eu amo vocês!!!

Com amor,
<3 Sister Earls

Oh and sorry I'm emailing late today. We came to the lan house on time but there was a problem with the church email system and a lot of missionaries weren't able to access their emails so we had to wait and come back now. But it's all good!
Photo shoot at the igreja velha

ww one of the last times I had noite familiar with Alessandra, Manuel, e Antonio. Love these crazy kids :)

<3 Love my district. Gonna miss them :(

Sister Rodriguez made my dye her hair...Haha it was weird and I was terrified but I didn't ruin her hair!


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