Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Alrighty guys, wanna hear about transfers? Guess what happened......

Eu fique...which means I stayed here in São Mateus. Oh how I love São Mateus. I love it so much that I decided to stay here for 6 months haha So last night was a bit of a mess. I really was kinda wanting to leave and have a new area and Sister Rodriguez and I were both really nervous about transfers. As soon as they told us over the phone that we both stayed, I collapsed on the dirty kitchen floor and cried for a solid half hour. The Elders called and they were all trying to make me stop crying but nothing really helped...I am happy that I get to be with Sister Rodriguez still but not gonna lie, São Mateus is a really difficult area and I'm struggling a lot here. But it's all good and I'm praying a lot and I know everything will work out :)

But I heard that Sister Richards got transferred! We're not sure where yet but I'll know by next week! Super stoked for her :)

So this week was interesting. It started out really well and then it kinda went downhill. Tuesday was a holiday and we had a super fun activity at Gedilza's house and we played futebol (Só sou um pouco fubeca)!!! We had two people at church yesterday (Manuel and Júlio César!). We've been working with Manuel for a while. He's kinda old and his wife passed away a while ago and he's pretty depressed but he's super nice and he always tries to invite us into his house but we can't enter since he lives alone. But he's been saying for a while that he'd go to church (he hadn't) but he finally did! 

Also, we started working with Júlio César this week again and he was progressing really quickly again but then it all crashed and burned last night...Seriously, Friday and Saturday, we met with him and we had two of the most spiritual lessons I've ever had on my mission. We asked so many inspired questions and we figured out all of his doubts about being baptized and we finally committed him to be baptized next Sunday. I seriously don't understand how he hasn't been baptized yet. He goes to activities and this was his third time at church and he loves it. And he lives right in front of the church!!! He already has friends who are his age in the church and he's amazing. He asked us to come to his house to read two chapters out of the Book of Mormon. Seriously, he just randomly invited us to read the scriptures with him. What kind of investigator does that?? Crazy amazing ones who need to be baptized! But...when we stopped by last night to follow up and make sure he liked church and that he was still prepared to be baptized, he said that he drank café which means he can't be baptized this Sunday...And when we asked if he'd still like to be baptized the following week and if he'd commit to really stop drinking café, he said no. We were devastated. But, at the end of the lesson, I asked a bunch of questions and I testified and he promised to try to stop café for 7 days and to pray every night to know if it was the right thing to do and to see if he should still be baptized. Vamos ver...

Anyways, I could really use all of your prayers to make it through this next transfer!! I'm praying for all of you every day and I love you and miss you all so much!

Eu amo vocês!

Com amor,
Sister Earls

We stopped at the house of a pesquisadora and used the bathroom and I was drying my hands on this towel and guess what popped out from the other side?? I almost had a heart attack haha

We got coxinhas from our pesquisadora! They're little pockets of heaven :) I loooove foooood haha

It started raining like crazy after one of our appointments and we decided to try to keep walking and working but we ended up running for 5 minutes and we were soaked so we stopped to take photos and then ran home to change clothes. The rain is really random and crazy here...

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  1. Scary spider! wow. Thank you for serving the Lord so diligently and setting such a beautiful example. We pray for you every day and night. Keep up the great work. hugs~