Wednesday, June 3, 2015



It was so wonderful to talk to family yesterday!! Definitely cried and laughed a lot and I loveddddd talking in English haha

This week was a little crazy and a little slow because I got sick again and had to go to the hospital. But it's all good now! I'm used to dying occasionally here in São Mateus ;)

We had a new investigator at church this week!!! His name is Amitas and he is progressing quickly and he's really open to learning about the church. He says he'd like to be baptized but we haven't officially marked a date yet so we're going to be working a lot with him this week. He's already made friends in the branch so that's good :)

Oh and Ana Rosa came to an activity that the Relief Society put together for Mother's Day. She lovedddd the activity and she brought two of her kids and they were playing with the other kids and it was great. The only problem is that she still doesn't really like the church and Joseph Smith...

Oh and on Wednesday, Júlio César had another baptismal interview and he's totally prepared and he understands and believes in everything but he really just doesn't want to be baptized. It's so frustrating!! Sorry, I'm calm. But we love him to death and we're still gonna work super hard to keep helping him. Oh and he started drinking coffee again after not drinking it for the entire week! :( So that was frustrating too...Praying a lot for him because he is a great kid and I really want to help him make the right choices :)

Whelp I think that's about it for this week.

Eu amo vocês!

Com amor,
Sister Earls

Alma 26:27
Alma 29:9
Happy Mother's Day!!! (a little late)

I had a bad morning the other day and Sister Rodriguez thought it'd be funny to take pics haha

I loved talking to y'all yesterday!!! I miss everyone sooooo much!!! Sorry the internet wasn't super great...

I got sick again and had to go to the hopsital...The hospitals are veryyyyyy different here in Brasil haha

ecovery included eating only bananas and crackers and drinking tonnnssss of water haha Eu sou uma macaca


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