Sunday, June 28, 2015

6 Meses no Brasil!!

Can y'all believe that I have survived 6 months here? I can't haha It's going by sooo quickly!

This week passed super quickly. We went to Serra Monday and Tuesday to do divisions with Sister Cabrera (from Uruguay) and Sister Carvalho (from Portugal) which was exciting. They recently opened the area so we got lost arriving there and we ended up having to catch 4 different buses and it was kinda scary since it's kind of a dangerous area and it was almost midnight but it all worked out. I got to work with Sister Cabrera again! I love her so much and she is such a wonderful missionary! I always learn so much with her :)

We had a zone meeting with the missionaries from Aracruz so I got to see Sister Richards which was awesome! I miss our time together in the MTC :(( So much has changed since then...

So we have a ton of investigators and we've marked a bunch of baptismal dates and we had 4 people at church yesterday and everything is crazy and hard to keep up with. But one specific person is Marlene. She lives like right in front of the church and she almost cut us this week but we saved the lesson and she loves us a lot and she would have gone to church again this week but she ended up going to Vitória for a wedding. But her birthday is today and she invited us to have lunch with her so we're hoping that everything still goes well with her and that she'll be able to be baptized this week. It's super cool because she doesn't drink and she doesn't drink coffee either and I think I mentioned that two weeks before she met us, she had decided to quit smoking! She is so ready!

Sorry this email is pretty lame but I hope everyone is doing well! I can't believe it's already June again. This year is flying by...

Eu amo vocês!!!

Com amor,
<3 Sister Earls
 We went to Serra (basically in Vitória) to do divisions with the sister training leaders! We had lunch with two other sisters too who work in an area nearby. Killin it on the ônibus :)


We were teaching a lesson at an investigator's house and the woman's son has a pet bird so of course we took pics. The pic of Sister Alós was taken right after the bird tried to bite her nose hahaha

We had a fireside last night and we did a puzzle thing as an activity haha not gonna lie, it was pretty lame but we had ice cream after so it's all good ;) 


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