Saturday, June 20, 2015

Conferência do Distrito!

So this week was amazing because of the District Conference that we had! I got to see the members and missionaries from São Mateus and everyone says that they miss me and that São Mateus isn't the same without me haha I still can't believe how long I stayed in that area and I didn't realize how much I'd miss all of the people when I left. Oh and the Aracruz branch was there too so I got to Sister Richards! I love the mission soooo much and all of the friends I've made.

Oh another reason that this week was amazing is because we got to watch Meet the Mormons! My companion had asked President Young a while ago to borrow the copy that the mission has so she could show it to the branch for an activity and he finally said yes! It was a really big deal that he gave it to us because it's the only copy that the entire mission can use and it can't be copied and we have to be really careful with it. But I loved the movie!

Oh and we have a wonderful pesquisadora that we met this week. And she lives right in front of the church building. One of the Elders stopped to talk to her last week and she had never visited our church and she seemed really open to hearing about the gospel so he passed her address to us and we taught her the restoration this week and she understood the lesson really well and she is elect com força! And during the lesson, she even mentioned that the previous week she had decided to stop smoking! She could only stay for one hour of the meeting on Sunday but she liked it a lot and wants to come to church again this week and we're hoping to see more progress :)

Colatina is killing me with all of these hills but I love it haha I love the challenges of the mission because they're making me stronger :) Super cheesy but true ;)

Eu amo vocês!!!

Com amor,
<3 Sister Earls
Colatina is pretty but the hills and the heat just make me get really sweaty haha

ww I love this photo because it was the first time that João Pedro used a white shirt and tie for church. He's a recent convert of Sister Alós :)

All of my companions who are still in the mission! :D

Amintas came with the other members and he already started using a white shirt and tie!! Love him!! He was a miracle in São Mateus :)

Loved the district conference and getting to see all my friends!

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