Monday, June 8, 2015

COLATINA!!! Morros, Morros, Morros

So I'm loving my new area!!! I'm here in Colatina with Sister Alós! Everything is good! It's been a little crazy getting settled and adjusting to the new area and my new companion. But I'm loving this area so much already and I actually passed through here for a day for a zone conference so at least I recognized some things. It's amazing to actually have a real chapel. I forgot what it feels like to be in a real church building. And this one is new and huge and prettier than the ones we have in the US. And it has air conditioning!!! Super blessed haha I'll have to take a picture and send it next week. I'm still a little lost in the area and it's a lot bigger than São Mateus and Colatina is known for it's hills and staircases...I've been walking and climbing a lot. Haha but I'm loving it and I love walking and it's pretty everywhere here so I'm enjoying it and my legs are getting super strong haha

I'm really missing Sister Rodriguez...My new companion is from Argentina too but she's a lot different from Sister Rodriguez and I've had to adjust to how she works and also she still has a superrrrr strong accent. So yeah I'm kinda struggling to understand her and we've had a few confusions but other than that, I'm loving the area and the branch and my new district!

Aww I called Sister Richards this week because she's been sick a lot :( Really worried about her :((( Keep her in your prayers :) She can't go home without me!

I'm seriously loving the people here in Colatina. I sent photos of Gabriella and Gabriel and mentioned that they've already been to church two times. Gabriel is kind of a tough case but Gabriella is super open and she had a baptism date marked for yesterday but she drank coffee while we were at transfers so we've been working a lot with her. But she stopped drinking coffee and she's following all of the other commandments and she did a fast with the youth and she likes church a lot and she really wants to be baptized. We're just waiting for her mom to approve since she keeps saying that it's too soon. But I know that everything will work out! FAITH is the key!

The branch is great and the branch president is awesome and the members and the lunches are amazing and our ward mission leader is super helpful! I am so grateful to be here and I feel blessed!!!

Eu amo vocês!!!

Com amor,
<3 Sister Earls

Casually teaching every living thing on earth :)

COLATINA é linda demais!

My companion has great picture ideas :)

The youth had an activity and learned about fasting. The leaders prepared a huge dinner for them and they all started the fast together and they had a big dinner after church the next day in the evening. So awesome!

The view from a member's house. Colatina is sooooo beautiful!!

Crossing the bridge! We have to cross the bridge every Pday to get to the Lan House that we use to email :)


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  1. Beautiful pictures! You are amazing. keep up the great work. We are so proud of you. hugs~