Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Woohoo this week officially marked 5 months here in São Mateus! 

This week was pretty fun. It's starting to actually get cold! And it's been raining a lot. 

So great news is that we're gonna have a baptism this week! I wrote a little bit about Amintas last week and he progressed super quickly! We've already taught him all of the lessons except the plan of salvation which we're gonna teach him tonight. He loves the Book of Mormon and he's been reading it every day. And he came to church again and he lovesssss it and he's made friends and he's super excited for his baptism this Thursday!!! And we are too!! We taught him all of the commandments and he agreed to follow all of them, including the word of wisdom and he stopped drinking coffee right away. Sister Rodriguez and I leave every visit with him in shock because he is just super elect and he is a miracle! He called us a few days ago super early in the morning just to tell us that he was listening to a church radio station the night before and that a pastor was speaking, but he got frustrated because he knew that what the pastor was saying wasn't true so he turned off the radio and started to read the Book of Mormon and he told us exactly which pages he read and he said that he truly believes that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that it is a good book. Aahhh I'm so happy haha

Oh another cool thing that happened this week is that we met with an investigator of some of the sisters who served here a while ago. His name is Aldo (not really sure on the spelling) and he went to church one time to watch General Conference but the internet wasn't working well that day and he didn't enjoy it at all so he stopped progressing. But I went on divisions with Sister Patrício a few weeks ago and we saw him on the street and Sister Patrício recognized him so we started talking to him about the Restoration since she'd already taught him a lot of the lessons before. He's kinda 'scorpion" (which means that he only accepts our lessons because he likes us, not the messages...there are "snakes" who hit on the Elders too haha) but he has a lot of potential. I had forgotten about him after that day, but I was looking at the addresses in my planner the other day and I remembered that I had his phone number and that I'd promised Sister Patrício that we'd try to meet with him so we decided to call him to set an appointment. We found him and at first, it didn't seem like he wanted to talk to us and he was kinda drunk but Sister Rodriguez was awesome and started asking a bunch of questions and he started to open up and we learned a lot about him and the struggles of his life and he was a lot nicer to us at the end. He committed to come church yesterday but he didn't show up because it was pouring rain...But we called him after church and he said he'd go next week and we're gonna try to meet with him more.

Whelp I think that's it for this week. 

Eu amo vocês!

Com amor,
Sister Earls
Ana Rosa came to the relief society activity last week :)

I am a giant compared to my companion haha Love my little macaca

I reallyyyyy don't like urubu (vultures). They're everywhere here and they're huge and super creepy and we found one dead in the street and decided to take photos since Sister Rodriguez is almost dying and getting super trunky haha

We love the ônibus!


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