Monday, September 28, 2015


We've been working really hard these week and we've improved our numbers significantly. We've been trying hard to get people to come to church the entire transfer, but only Jacó has come...I have been praying for all of our investigators, but it's been difficult for them to progress.

We met Penha this week during our divisions and she started to progress really quickly, but she didn't come to church even though we planned everything out and a member even drove us to her house to give her a ride. She ended up going to a family member's house the night before. She understands everything we've been teaching her and she has a strong desire to stop smoking and to obey the commandments and she understands the lesson of the Restoration so we're hoping that she'll come to church this week and progress more. 

We marked a baptismal date for Tayná to be baptized on Sunday between conference sessions, but she keeps changing her mind every time we visit her and her parents have been confusing her a lot. We're praying that she'll be able to come to church and that her family will support her.

We met an awesome family yesterday and taught them about the Restoration and they understood everything and Valdir says he'll come to watch General Conference and he and his daughter want to come to an activity this week also! Valdir's wife was a little hesitant but she said she would pray to know if the message we shared is true.

Eu amo vocês!!!

Com amor,
<3 Sister Earls

Also, I'll hit my year mark this week which is insane!!!


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