Monday, October 5, 2015

1 ANO!!

This week was interesting. We got the call about transfers last night and...I'm going to be transferred tomorrow. I'm still surprised that I was transferred. I will admit that I was pretty discouraged in this area and I am excited to work in a different area, but I thought for sure that I would stay for at least another transfer here. I'm super super sad to be leaving Sister A. Melo, but I'm excited to learn and work hard with a new companion in a different area. 

Conference was amazing on Sunday. Jacó almost came on Saturday, but he backed out at the last minute so I had to miss the first session on Saturday because we weren't allowed to watch the Saturday sessions without an investigator so we spent the first half of the day talking to people on the street like crazy and inviting them to church haha (Oh funny moment! A drunk crazy guy on the street almost hit me while we were contacting people...Oh and last Sunday a crazy women hit me while we were walking to lunch...No big deal) I enjoyed the talks on Sunday a lot, especially the talks from the new apostles. I loved the talk from Elder Dale G. Renlund and when he said that the Lord doesn't call us because of something that we did, but for something that he wants to do through us. Also, I was super excited because our former stake president (Allen D. Haynie) gave a talk during the last session. So cool! His talk was great and I loved the experience that he shared.

During this week, our mission president and his wife asked us to try to be more grateful every day and to say as many prayers of gratitude as we could. Every night, instead of saying a normal prayer, I only thanked Heavenly Father for everything that had happened during the day and for the blessings that I was able to see throughout the day. Even though it has been a difficult transfer, I was able to see how blessed I've been to serve in this area with Sister A. Melo.

Eu amo vocês!!!

Com amor,
<3 Sister Earls
Got a super awesome package from Dad!

These kids love us. We always try to visit an investigator (Marilza) but she's never at home. So her nieces and nephews always open the gate to tell us she's not home or they give us water or they just talk to us haha One of them is obsessed with me because I'm americana/coreana. She says she's my fan. So we had a photo shoot the last time we stopped by :)

1 ANO DE MISSÃO!!! Sister A. Melo's brother-in-law drew this for me and she gave it to me on Thursday :) So cool!


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