Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hospitals Love Me...

So I got really sick again this week and they admitted me to the hospital this time...But I'm better now! They told me I was supposed to stay longer but we decided to leave because we had a zone conference and I started feeling better the next day (after receiving a bunch of meds and soro) :) Haha I had to argue with four different doctors and sign a form saying that it wouldn't be the hospital's fault if I left and something happened...But it's all good. I only have a little bit of pain in my stomach after eating and I've been really careful about what I've been eating and I'm drinking a lot of fluids so I should be good. I was kinda weak during the week and I lost 2 kilos but I'm good!

Aside from getting sick, the week was good! We had a zone conference which was awesome and I got to see Sister Richards :) And Josimara was confirmed yesterday! We weren't able to baptize Gilmar yesterday because he drank coffee last Monday or Tuesday I think. But he's gonna be baptized this Saturday or Sunday depending on his work schedule :) Ester ended up going to a family member's house on Friday and stayed until yesterday so she didn't come to church with Josimara, but we're hoping that she'll be able to be bpatized this Sunday too!

Everything is going super well here in Colatina and I'm super happy to be here! I'm scared for transfers coming up because I don't want to leave! Praying to stay here with Sister Hibauza :)


Eu amo vocês!!!

Com amor,
<3 Sister Earls
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We had a picnic in the park last P day and ate Subway!

We went to Maria das Graças to try to find a reference but we got super lost and found a bridge and had a photo shoot :)

We made pancakes with Silvana! She's the best :)

So I got really sick again and they admitted me to the hospital this time...But I'm better now! A member brought food for Sister Hibauza and she kept teasing me and eating in front of me haha


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  1. I"m glad you are feeling better. We pray for you every day in our personal and family prayers. I'm sorry you have been ill. Thank you for your hard work an dedication to the Lord. You rock. We love you! hugs~