Monday, April 13, 2015


Seriously this was a week of miracles! 

The Elders had a baptism this week and it was beautiful :)

And we have a new pesquisadora named Zione and she's super elect and it was amazing because she found us! We were leaving lunch at a member's house in our area and she just walked up to us since she lives in front of the member's house and she asked for a triple combination of the scriptures haha We were like what? She had been taught before and she had gone to church a couple of times but she'd never been baptized. We started teaching her immediately and we gave her the book and explained about D&C and the Pearl of Great Price and stuff and she started asking about other books from the church so when she came to church on Sunday (she showed up by herself haha we even stopped by her house to get her but her brother said she'd already left to get there early), we gave her a gospel principles book also. She's following all of the commandments now too! We taught about the word of wisdom and her only problem at the moment was coffee but she immediately stopped and there's a drink here called cevada that's really similar to coffee but it doesn't have caffeine and it's not bad and everyone uses it to stop coffee addictions and we gave her a little bit to try since we had a package with us for another investigator and the next day when we showed up to teach her and follow up, she had bought two more packages of cevada and she had completely stopped with coffee!!! We're going to baptize her this Sunday!! It was really funny because one of her main concerns about her baptism was whether she'd be able to take a picture or not haha We explained that we would take pictures before the baptism and give her a copy :)

Whoa that was a lot of info. Ugh bad news now. Ana Rosa finally came to church but when we went to visit her after...she said she basically hated it. She didn't like a single thing about it. She only came for sacrament meeting and it was a fast and testimony meeting and both Sister Rodriguez and I bore our testimonies and she didn't even like that :(((( She said she didn't like how much we talk about Joseph Smith and that she doesn't like how we always say "I know" because we're talking about ourselves too much and not about God...Sister Rodriguez and I left her house almost in tears. It was the most horrible visit I've had on my mission...

But more good news. Besides Zione and Ana Rosa, we had two other people at church! Ariele and Vitória! We made plans to visit them this week so that'll be good. And the sister treinadoras are doing divisions with us this week so that'll be awesome. I can't believe we only have two more weeks left in this transfer! I have no idea how the time is passing so quickly. Oh and I forgot to mention a couple weeks ago that I hit my 6 month mark. It's crazy! I feel like I was in the MTC yesterday haha I'm loving my mission and I'm so sad that I already only have less than a year to be a missionary :( I love serving here and being a missionary!!

Eu amo vocês!

Com amor,
Sister Earls
Jaine got baptized! She was terrified of water and was crying and freaking out a little before but everything worked out and it was wonderful!

These photos are from a while ago but I got so behind on sending photos that there are ton from when Sister Wootan was here that I haven't sent so here ya go :)

 I got another package during interviews with President Young!! I love you mom!


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  1. Love the pictures! I love your beautiful smile! Thank you for serving the Lord so well. You rock. We pray for you every day. hugs~