Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Conferência Geral!!!! E Feliz Páscoa!

Oi meu povo!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!

Ugh I just love and miss all of you so much! Conference made me reallllyyyyy homesick. I started crying a little when I heard MoTab singing in English haha Conference was amazing and I had some trouble understanding everything and my mind was super dead at the end of each session but it was great :)

So I've been a little sick since quinta feira which is uhhh Thursday, yesThursday. I have really weird symptoms and they've been really sporadic so we've had to call Sister Young a few times but we're still not exactly sure what it is...When we called last night, she got a little worried and said it maybe might be dengue...which makes sense since I've been getting attacked by all the mosquitos here...But I'm sure it's nothing to worry about! I've only missed one day of work and everything else has been fine so we're just waiting it out to see if it passes. No need to worry! :))) And today is P day so I've got time to rest :)

Besides all the excitement from Easter and Conference, this week was pretty normal. We're really struggling to find new investigators :( And the investigators that we've had haven't been progressing much. We're praying for more miracles and we could definitely use all of your prayers too! We watched Conference in the church and it was pretty sad because like none of the members showed up and we only had two investigators come for theSunday morning session (the two friends of Neldierlin who came to church last week). It's just hard because we want to baptize them but since they're so young and their parents aren't members, it's like basically impossible. So this email is getting depressing so I'm just gonna try to send pictures from this week because they make me happy :)

Eu amo vocês!!

Com amor,
Sister Earls
Noite Familiar with Alessandra, Manuel, e Antonio! E Bonnie haha I seriously love that dog :)

Sardines on the ônibus haha Whenever we take this ônibus to get to one of our lunches, there are always a bunch of kids going to school and they all talk super loud and it's super crowded but it's pretty funny

The battle with mosquitos is real. I use OFF day and night and we had to buy these like smoke things that repel mosquitos from our room...And I still get attacked

 Our district coordenated for Conference (except Elder Bemuyal cuz he's lame so he just took the pics haha)



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