Thursday, April 2, 2015


Basically, this week has been craziness. So Sister Wootan is dying tomorrow and I'll be getting my new companion. We left yesterday to travel to Vitória since Sister Wootan has stuff to do here before she leaves so we're staying with the sister treinadoras in Jardim da Penha until tomorrow. We got the calls about transfers last night and I'll be staying in São Mateus. The only other person staying is Elder Malone. All of the other Elders are getting transfered out. It's kinda scary...And even if I'm still junior companion, I'll be the one that knows the area and all of the people so I'm gonna have to lead a lot of stuff so I'm kinda freaking out a little. I've been só used to being with Sister Wootan and she knew like everything about our area.

This week was pretty dang good though! A little stressful but really good. Edivaldo made it to church yesterday and he got confirmed!!! We were freaking out yesterday morning because when we called him to make sure that he was catching the right ônibus to make it to church on time, he said that he was sick and that he wouldn't be coming. We were devastated but we waited a little until after we'd walked past all of our other investigators and we decided to call him again and he said he'd taken some medicine and that he was feeling better so he caught the next ônibus and he made it to church during the second hour and was confirmed during sacrament meeting!! I'm just so excited now that I get to stay in São Mateus and make sure that Edivaldo stays active! I never imagined how much joy I would feel by bringing someone into the church and being a part of every step in the process! It's so wonderful!!!

We tried to work with Julio Cesar this week too but it got a little crazy. The zone leaders came to do another interview with him on Tuesday and their plan was to have him interviewed and since he's living all the commandments and since he's attended church twice, they wanted to baptize him that night. The culture here is a little different and baptisms just work like that here. But Julio Cesar really didn't want to so that didn't work so we just kept visiting him and we had some really spiritual lessons and he went to another activity, but he didn't come to church yesterday :( I think he just got a little overwhelmed. But I'll be staying in São Mateus so I'll get to help him progress and hopefully get baptized!

I can't really remember what else happened this week but I'll just try to send some photos :)

Eu amo vocês!

Com amor,
Sister Alia Yun Earls
 I finally got my PACKAGES! Thanks mom!

 So I don't remember if I mentioned that we don't have dryers here and that we have to hang up our clothes to dry which normally isn't a problem, but our washing machine has been broken and we were stressing a lot this week with laundry because of packing and everything so this had to happen one morning before we left haha So effective

 Pretty view on the way back from Aviaçao

We bought liters of acai since it was Sis Wootan's last time!! Haha it took us like two or three nights to finish them

Waiting for our onibus haha


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