Tuesday, December 8, 2015

quero natal!

Guys, it's almost Christmas!

So this week was kind of a fail. After the last few crazy weeks, everything has kinda slowed down. The work is always harder after we have baptisms because we spend all our time focusing on the people who are preparing to be baptized and we hardly have time to find new people to teach. So this past week was a little bit lame, but we have three more people with potential to be baptized!

Kaeyanne is 11 years old and her grandmother is an inactive member. She always attended church when she was younger but she had never come to church during our time here in Estrelinha. Some members told us about her family so we decided to visit her the other day and they are an awesome family. Andréia (her grandmother) told us that she had been thinking about Kaeyanne´s baptism for a while but she had never gotten motivated enough to bring Kaeyanne to church and hardly anyone had been visiting them. So we brought Kaeyanne to church yesterday and she loved it and she already knows a lot of the youth and after church, we talked to her about baptism and she accepted to be baptizedthis Saturday. Hopefully, everything will work out. We've already taught her about the Book of Mormon and she's already following all of the commandments :)

João Vitor and Mário were references from some recent-converts. We had actually already visited their parents before, but we had never met the kids. Unfortunately, the parents aren't legally married and don't have any plans to get married anytime soon, but their kids are old enough to be baptized on their own with their parents' approval, so when we met them at a church activity, we immediately started to teach them. During the week, they had accepted to be baptized this Sunday, but they didn't come to church yesterday because they left to visit their aunt for the weekend so they have to wait until next Sunday. But they're super great and they are super excited to learn more about the gospel!

Eu amo vocês!

Com amor,
Sister Earls
It's almost Christmas!!! FELIZ NATAL!!! Even the post office is celebrating already haha


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