Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Miracles Happen Once in a While

This week was wonderful and was full of miracles! Raphael and Lazarus were baptized on Saturday morning! We were anxious because we left the house early on Saturday morning to check Lazarus but when we arrived at his house (he lives far from our house and the chapel), he was not there. And he was not answering his phone (he later explained that he had lost on the beach). But when we arrived at the chapel with Rafael, Lazarus appeared! Unfortunately, only Rafael was confirmed yesterday because Lazarus came late during sacrament meeting so it was not confirmed. Also, he said he has to travel on Sunday, but he spoke will make an effort to stay to be confirmed because he really wants to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit as soon as possible and he said it with certainty, it will arrive in certain time the next Sunday to be confirmed.

Sorry I'm running out of time but I am super happy and I am super grateful for the miracles que Have Been happening here in Estrelinha. We Have Been working very diligently and I know the Lord que Has Been blessing us :)

I love you!

With love,
Sister Earls

3 Nephi 12:16
reunião de zona! 
 Rafael foi batizado!!!
 Lázaro foi batizado também!! He wanted to be "as pure as possible" so he decided to shave his head and his eyebrows the day before his baptism. Everyone was a little shocked but he was super happy about it então só vai haha
 Sister Tavares and I need to be companions :)

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