Monday, October 26, 2015

trabalho, trabalho, trabalho

Oi meu povo!

Sorry I won't be writing much this week because time is running out and I'm still trying to send photos. But we're still just working really hard here and we're trying to find different people to teach. 

Vanderneis' baptism fell through because she kinda went a little crazy and didn't want anything to do with anymore. We tried stopping by every day to visit and teach her but she kept her door shut every time :( Keep her in your prayers.

We had stake conference in Cariacica yesterday and we had to take an ônibus with the members to the church building there. But we invited an entire family to come and they made it in time to catch the ônibus with us! Maycon, Lidiane, and their three kids Jhoseph, Jhon Wesley, and Júlio Cézar. They're super great but Maycon has some difficulties with the word of wisdom and they also have to get married legally in order to be baptized. But they really want our help to keep the commandments!

Eu amo vocês!

Com amor,
Sister Earls
These are pics from a couple weeks ago when we went to the Fonte Grande with some members :)


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