Monday, January 18, 2016


This week was pretty fun! Sister Dodge had to go to the hospital last Monday night (on her birthday haha) because she partied a little too hard...Just kidding! She had a weird allergic reaction to something that she ate and she had had some weird rashes that started a couple of weeks ago. I think it kinda just got worse because of the heat and last Sunday during lunch she tried a really spicy pepper sauce for the first time and that was probably what caused the reaction to spread so quickly. So unfortunately, we lost a day of work on Tuesday because they gave her an injection to help with the allergic reaction and she could barely keep her eyes open to eat during lunch so Sister Young just told us to go home to let her rest. But she's all better now! She just had to keep taking a medicine that made her drowsy all week and I've had to help her apply a cream that's supposed to help with some of the more serious rashes. 

Gabriela was interviewed on Friday and she passed of course! We're just waiting for approval from her mom. We did fast yesterday with her and the bishop and his wife since Gabi wanted to try to fast after we taught her about tithing and fasting on Wednesday. And she thought it would help if we prayed for her mom to let her be baptized. So hopefully, with a lot of prayers and faith, she'll be baptized finally this week :)

We've been trying to find new people to teach but we haven't had much luck. Everyone keeps travelling and nobody has been coming to church - aside from our eternal investigators and Gabi. Oh but the other sisters here (Sister Barth and Sister Hernández) had a baptism on Saturday!

I'm super happy and I'm super grateful for the rain this week. It's actually cold enough that I'm wearing a cardigan haha

Eu amo vocês!

Com amor,
Sister Earls


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