Tuesday, July 14, 2015

mais uma em colatina!

This week ended up being kind of frustrating since our baptisms fell through. Romário was super excited for his baptism until yesterday. When we went to pick him up at his house, he wasn't there and we tried calling him the entire morning but when he finally answered, he said that he had gone to his father's house and that his parents had convinced him to not be baptized anymore. Eduardo came to church but he is an eternal investigator and doesn't feel comfortable about being baptized. He likes the church and understands the lessons and he even likes seminary, but he has firmly said that he just wants to continue attending for now. 

Wanderson (13 years old) and his uncle José Paulo came to church too. We set a date for next Sunday for José Paulo and he seemed very excited. I marked parts of the Book of Mormon for him to read after church and when we saw him later that day, he had already read the Introduction and 2 Nephi 31! We're hoping that he will be able to continue to progress quickly. 

Sorry I attacked everyone with tons of photos! Even though the work this week was a little frustrating and stressful, we still had a ton of fun because Sister Alós hit her one year mark and we planned a super awesome party for Elder Verçoza's 20th birthday and Elder Simonsen's farewell. We even got members of their families to send videos and Elder Simonsen cried like a baby haha They both were super trunky.

Oh and transfers are this week. I'll be staying here in Colatina but Sister Alós has finally been transferred after 7 months in the same area. I'm super anxious about getting a new companion since I'm still kinda lost in this area, but I know everything will work out :)

Eu amo vocês!!!

Com amor,
<3 Sister Earls
We love Brasil!!!

Say hello to the fattest cat in the world haha

Elder Simonsen died...He'll be off to Florida tomorrow

Colatina is so pretty!

We helped our ward mission leader throw a surprise birthday party for his daughter :)

Sister Alós and I are basically the best party planners ever and everybody loved my cake :)


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