Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Go Big or Go Home

Oi! Or should I say hey y'all!
So yep. Reassignment to Texas haha I can't believe we leave next week. I don't know if I'm more shocked about my reassignment or just the fact that we're about to leave the MTC. Not ready!! But so excited!!

So I don't have much email time left, but I'll just try to quickly lay out all of the happenings this past week. It's been a pretty crazy week. Like insane.

Tuesday - We went to the temple. Oh and the general primary president (Rosemary M. Wixom) gave the devotional. It was incredible. Her husband spoke briefly too and it was so amazing. Sister Wixom spoke entirely about Christ and I loved it so much!

Wednesday - I was still a bit sick (just my cold that started two weeks ago), but we hosted again! I hosted three sisters and I was huffing and puffing and almost lost my voice at the end but it was still fun! I thought I was feeling better and getting over it...but it ended up getting worse later. 
Oh, and we also saw David Archuleta again!!
Oh, but this night, all of our roommates and I woke up because Sister Richards starting throwing up...I got out of bed to try to help but I couldn't really do much and I wasn't feeling that good either so I went back to bed...I felt so bad that I didn't do anything else...She ended up throwing up like 20 times from 1am til we all woke up around 6 or 6:30am :(

Thrusday - We took Sister Richards to the clinic and she seriously looked like a zombie. Perfect for Halloween. They told her that she probably had food poisoning and apparently a ton of other missionaries had gotten sick the night before too. They just gave her some nausea medicine and some gatorade (I guess it helps since she needed liquids but it was hard to keep down water).  
Good news from that day: I got the best Halloween package from mom!! And we had a little party with our roommates and some other Sisters from the zone.

Friday - Halloween! This day was the struggle. A luta. We walked over to the clinic to set up an appointment for Sister Richards since she was still feeling nauseous and on the way she kept gagging (ew) and I was still sick (my cold) and I ended up gagging when I saw her gag. So they set up an appointment for her later in the day, but when we made it back to class...I actually threw up (a few times). So we went straight back to the clinic and I made an appointment too. Dr. Brown was the best. So I guess it wasn't food poisoning. A virus has been going around the MTC. Nothing to worry about though. Totally fine now. But he told me that we had an intestinal virus? I dunno. So I got some gatorade and he sent us to the health center. That was fun since we got to go off campus to get medicine.
Oh we also made it to TRC since I actually felt better after getting nausea meds and stuff. We got to skype someone from Vitoria, Brazil!!! So cool!

Saturday - Tried to eat lunch. Sister Richards started gagging and I threw up. That wasn't fun...But later that night, we felt better and we hung out with our roommates and had a feast before the fast at the vending machines haha

Sunday - We had mission conference since it was fast Sunday. And Wendy W. Nelson (Russell M. Nelson's wife) spoke at the devotional. We were feeling totally better this day and we feasted at dinner.

Monday - Don't even remember what happened yesterday...

Today was the best and I got to see Dalin and Kenzie (and her engagement ring) at the devotional!!

Eu amo vocês!
Sister Alia Yun Earls

Oh p.s. Kade, your friend Jolie Huisken? is in my zone! I talked to her in the cafeteria before I found that out, and then she was in our Sacrament meeting on Sunday and I was like cool!

P.p.s Don't worry! I'm sorry if I made it sound like I'm dying! I'm totally fine now and I'm not sick anymore at all! I still just get a bit nauseous after eating and a little winded sometimes. But Dalin and Kenzie saw me and they can testify that I'm totally fine!

Ah all out of time!
We got to attend the BYU Devotional this morning at the Marriott Center and guess who I saw?!?!?!?! Too much excitement!! These pictures aren't that great but it doesn't even matter! Also, I broke some rules since my companion walked away for a sec and was talking to someone and Kenzie and Dalin forced me to take pics with them so not my fault right? Haha and Dalin made me hug him. I was like almost crying. Such a good day.

This is me and Sister Richards outside the Student Health Center after I threw up, went to the clinic, and Dr. Brown told me to get a different medicine for my cold (featuring my gatorade cup that the nurse gave me).
Roommates! I don't know where I'm looking haha

One month anniversary picture (featuring awkward no contact hug since we were sicky)!

 We had a Halloween party! We didn't eat that much since we were still sick but it was fun! Love these sisters :)
 We got to open our emails with our reassignments on Halloween and we printed them out so they'd look like actual mission calls.

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