Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Luta É Real

The struggle is real. Okay not really, but this week did kinda turn into quite the struggle. Also, I wanted that to be the subject because Sis R pointed out that I always say "the struggle" or "the struggle is real" so I translated it into Portuguese last week and now I always say that haha
Everything was seriously amazing until the weekend. I've been um pouco doente...Nothing to worry about though! I think Sister Richards' sickness finally caught up to me. It was kind of inevitable even though I thought I was invincible haha So on Sunday I woke up feeling really nauseous and I had a really sore throat and I was light headed and tired the whole day. But I went to all of our meetings, even the devotional and the Sunday night movie. We did squeeze in two naps though before lunch and during our temple walk time (I probably would not have survived without those). 
Yesterday, I thought I felt better when I woke up and I had taken a bunch of medicine, but then during personal study, my head started hurting and my sore throat got worse and I was really dizzy and light headed again. So Sis Richards studied while I took a nap during our first block. I made it through lunch, but we found out that another Sister in our district was sick too so we did an exchange so Sis R  and the other Sister's companion could go to class and I could sleep more. I made it through the last block of class and teaching though! 
And today is P day so we just slept in a little and I took a really long shower. I still have a sore throat and I keep getting winded whenever we walk up or down stairs (haha pathetic, I know), but besides that I'm better I think! I better be because we are hosting again tomorrow and I really don't want to miss it! Oh I wanted to give everyone an idea of how life is here at the MTC so here's my daily schedule (it's a little different on Sundays and on days when we have service or when we host but this is pretty much it):
6:30 wake up and get ready for the day (or earlier for service on Wed and Sat)
7:00-7:45 personal study (we usually read the Book of Mormon since our Branch Pres challenged us to finish it while we're at the MTC. my goal is 20 pages a day and I'm already over halfway done!)
7:45-8:15 breakfast
8:15-12:30 class (depending on the day, we also teach investigators or do TRC during this time, the afternoon, or in the evening)
12:30-1:15 lunch
1:15-4:15 more class
4:15-5:15 gym time
5:45-6:30 dinner
6:30-9:30 more class (depending on the day, during one of the three hour blocks we have personal study, companion study, and language study without an instructor since we only have teachers for two of the blocks)
9:30-10:30 shower time, companion study and planning, journal and lights out (our Branch Pres also has asked us to have quiet time from 10:15-10:30 to reflect on the day and pray so that usually gets mixed in with journal time)
Pretty intense right? I have never learned so much in my entire life. It's just constant Portuguese and learning about how to teach people. I love it! 
Oh I almost forgot to share the most important news of the week! I got to see David Archuleta! Like in the flesh. It wasn't a dream. Totally real life haha He came to do TRC with the Spanish Elders and Sisters! Seriously, when I found out I like fell on the floor and was like laughing/crying haha no joke. So we have class in one of the bigger buildings (18M) and our classroom is on the main floor, and they set up TRC for them on our floor! And he just so happened to be in the study/observation room right across from our classroom! So Sis R and I had to teach our investigator Carla at the beginning of class and we were like so worried that we were gonna miss seeing him, but we finished teaching and then we started class and we made Irmã Nielson keep the door open. So he finished TRC and walked past our classroom and waved and smiled at everyone haha It sounds like such a lame story but there was so much excitement. Haha I swear the MTC is fun and exciting!
Hmm what else happened this week? Oh, last Tuesday, Carlos A. Godoy of the Seventy gave a devotional and I didn't know this before, but I totally know his son! Sis R and I got good seats like in the third row and we were right behind his son and they kept showing him on the screen and I was like, I totally know him. So after the devotional, we walked up to him and I asked him if he had lived in San Diego when he was in high school and he said yeah. And it turns out, he had come to America to study for a little bit and Dalin and I (and maybe Kade?) met him at a drive in movie that we went to with Ali Chumbley and he had been in our stake for a while so I saw him at a bunch of dances and activities. Small world. Dalin, do you remember those Brazilian kids? His name is Lucas and one of his friends or cousins' names was Leo. Oh and that devotional was cool because Elder Godoy is from Brazil so he said a few sentences in Portuguese during his talk and we could understand him!
On Sunday, we had a devotional from Stephen B. Allen who I think they said wrote Preach My Gospel and helped make The District videos.
Spiritual thought for the week! Everyone should read Alma 26 because it is awesome! Elder Godoy's devotional was focused on Alma 26:22, but I went back and read the whole chapter that night and I really liked verse 12. It's a really humbling scripture, but it also gives me strength because I know that I can do all things through God. He truly does love everyone and I've discovered that he realllyyyy loves his missionaries. So far as a missionary, I've really learned how important it is for us to forget about ourselves and rely on the Lord. He will help us!

Eu amo vocês!
Sister Alia Earls
I just wanted to take a picture of my nugget toes because I'm sure that everyone misses them :)
 Sister Esplin and Sister Stocks got packages and one of them had a ton of bubble wrap so we spent like 20 minutes popping bubble wrap haha Don't worry we totally use our time wisely. It was a huge stress reliever.

David Archuleta selfie! Okay so you obviously can't see him, but he was doing TRC in the room on the left behind Sis Richards! So we snuck out into the hallway to take this pic haha And we could see his mom through the little window on the door when we walked by. But they like hid him in the corner of the room so that people wouldn't try to keep walking past the room to see him.

Halloween decorations on our classroom door!

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