Wednesday, October 8, 2014


SLAP DESTINY IN THE FACE! Haha I don't know why but that has suddenly become our district's motto. One day during study time, we lost our focus and we were talking about Hot Rod and other silly movies and that quote came up so we tried to translate it and wrote it on the board. Haha Irma Nielson saw it and corrected it and she could not stop laughing.

 Anyways, oi familia e amigos!!!!! Tudo bem? Tudo bem!! 

Aaahhh I love and miss all of you so so much! I was doing so well and I hadn't even had that much time to miss anyone yet but today I've had too much free time and I was so excited to read and write emails so I've finally started to realize how long it'll be until I see you all again! (But at least I have my weekly email time, and some of you have been wonderful and have already written me dear elders! Dear Elder is the best and you should all use it to write me letters!)

So this has already been the best experience ever!! The MTC is amazing! It is a holy place! I have never been so happy in my entire life! I love the schedule, I love the food, I love the people, I love missionaries, I love my district, I love my teachers and investigators! I love everything about this place! Even going to bed early and waking up early! Even though I'm usually a night owl and I have never been a morning person at all, every morning I have woken up a minute or two before my alarm and just waited for it to go off so I can start the day! It's crazy!

Oh and Portuguese is awesome! It gets a little confusing, especially with pronunciation. But I can understand like everything my teacher and our investigator are saying thanks to all my knowledge of Spanish (which even though I like to think I'm fluent, I'm seriously so not haha). It's just when it comes time for me to speak, I kinda just freeze. I'm just held back because I'm afraid of pronouncing things wrong or saying the wrong word or saying it in Spanish accidentally....So I've gotta really learn to let the Spirit guide and just trust that my tongue will be loosed! Oh, but I already memorized nosso proposito, James 1:5, part of the first vision, and some of my testimony! And we have to say all of our prayers in Portuguese now so at least I'm improving on that every time!

Minha companheira and I have definitely figured out that it's always the little things that make us the happiest! Like when they have snickerdoodles in the cafeteria (oh and when they had strawberry sundae crunch ice cream! my fave!) or we successfully memorize or understand or learn something new in Portuguese. I love it here and I love depending so much on the Savior and the Holy Ghost. This has been the best week of my life!

Sorry I'm running out of time because I tried to send so many pictures but I took at least one every day so that should give you a good idea of what's going down here at the MTC! 

Eu sei que A Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Ultimos Dias e a igreja verdadeira! 

Oh and Irma Nielson (our teacher) said something yesterday in class that I loved! She said that our missions are not just a time to pass the time, but that they are an investment of time. I know that that is true and I am so glad that I made the decision to invest my time and to preach this gospel!

I love you all!!


Sister Alia Earls


Oh p.s. sorry if my English is horrible because Sister Richards and I realized the other day that we can't speak in English anymore even though we've barely started learning Portugues. Oh and sorry if anything is spelled wrong in Portuguese because it's only my first week and I don't know how to type any accents haha


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