Monday, February 23, 2015

MILAGRES! (kinda)

So the end of this week was filled with miracles! Expect for when Sundayhit...So I think I mentioned last week that we've been trying to work in an area called Liberdade. It's about a 20 min onibus ride to get there which means it takes a lot of time and money to visit there as much as we want to. We have a member named Marcia there who is a little crazy but she is great with references. We marked baptism dates for two people there and visited with a bunch of others and everyone was committing to come to church but onceSunday came, nobody showed up :( The struggle is so real. 

We're working so hard and we've been contacting references like crazy and we've been marking dates for baptisms and inviting todo mundo to come to church but nothing is happening! We're trying so hard not to get frustrated. I feel so bad for Sister Wootan because she extended her mission and she feels like there's been no point. She's been fasting and praying like crazy, but nobody has been following through on commitments. We have really spiritual lessons and we've been using the Book of Mormon more and we've been extending more commitments but nobody is following through...We could really use your prayers! We only have three more weeks left in the transfer and we really really want to baptize!!

Oh but the Elders in the branch have been having success...Elders Malone e Alarcon baptized Jesus last week and he's been coming to atividades and he was confirmed yesterday. So awesome! And Elders Hidalgo and Serafico had another baptism yesterday. It was so beautiful and I cried! They've been teaching a deaf woman (Felinta) and her grandchildren (Rafaeli e Cawan?) and everyone had to talk really slow and move their mouths really clearly when talking so she could understand and it was just so spiritual and they were all so happy!

Oh and there was a time change this week and nobody told me and Sister Wootan so we showed up at church an hour early (which means that we woke up at 5h30 too) and we called all of our investigators super early to invite them again to come to church...Maybe that's why nobody showed up haha Such a fail. We were sitting in the church wondering where everyone was and we finally called Elder Hidalgo and asked what time it was and he said it was 8h instead of 9h and he said "Oh I didn't tell you guys that the time was gonna change?" No, Elder ya didn't...But oh well haha Life is good!

Oh and I made it to Mosias this week in the Livro de Mórmon! 

Eu amo vocês!

Com amor,
Sister Alia Yun Earls

Chillin on the staircase of death. It's seriously the biggest and scariest escada I've ever seen but there's a really great view

Mom! I got really homesick a while ago so I finally ate the rice and seaweed you sent me while I was in Texas

I love swingsets!

 We had to walk past this after a huge random rain storm

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